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Mastering Mathematics questions

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I am cross-posting this - it is also in the K-8 forum.


I am considering this program (Mastering Mathematics) to address a very specific special needs issue. I need to know before I buy it......are the addition facts taught in a sequential progression of some sort ? Either the maximum of numbers used, or what they add up to, as long as there is some sort of rhyme or reason to how new facts are added to the mental collection ?


If yes, does the subtraction book also go in some sort of logical fashion ?


DS1 really needs to backtrack and get more comfortable with addition and subtraction and build some fluency with facts. In working on them, he does not deal well with "fact salad". I am looking for a program that concentrates on one skill at a time, with a very orderly progression through the facts. I have not been able to find enough online samples of this program to determine this. I am ready to lay down the money for this program, but I need to know this one thing about it first.


Thank you !

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