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Ideas for creative way to repurpose china hutch

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I inherited a china hutch over a decade ago. I've used it as the traditional china display/holder for a while. Then I used it as a bar for a few years Lastly I used it for homeschool books when we did our school in the dining room. But, then we converted a bedroom to a homeschool room. So, now it is just a mess. We don't eat in our dining room. Now we use our dining room as our internet/computer spot. (Think dueling laptops on either end of the table.)


I'd love for it to serve some purpose other than holding china. It is very traditional - glass front upper and drawers underneath. Anyone ever repurposed their hutch and willing to share their ideas? Or do you have any good sites to check out? I've looked all over pinterest and haven't found anything that caught my eye.

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Do you have any hobbies? Arts n crafts? Printers/office/school supplies?


We have turned 2 pieces of a 3-pc wall unit into a sort of organizer for lots of things.


On the bottoms, I have sewing and quilting supples/fabric on one side and boy scout financial stuff on the other (I'm treasurer, so the big checkbook, file, receipts, etc.)


On the tops, one side holds craft supplies like markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc in their own shoe boxes, tissue paper, construction paper, etc. The other side holds the printer, printer paper, hole punch, pencil sharpener, and other assorted school stuff.


Between them, is a long low bookshelf divided into four parts - old school stuff, current school stuff, library stuff, and miscellaneous stuff. We have "my" stuff for school on the top of it - like post-it notes, pens, highlighters, paper clips...along with the globe and any current quilting squares or projects in progress.


You could also paint it a funky color, all over or just in the background of the top - add contact paper, wall paper, or whatever to make it look fresh in your style...I'm dying to paint ours!


The best thing about having a large piece of furniture but not much to put on it, is that it looks clean and organized. Even if our table is a wreck the wall unit makes it not so bad, lol.

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