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What a week...

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I'm actually pretty thankful about how the past week went. When our power went out, we managed to stay warm enough though the cold got uncomfortable overnight and the second morning. But we were healthy and able to hike out on foot to where a friend could meet us and take us to her house.


DH, who is self-employed, lost a week of work because of the weather and outages.


Now, DH's car is dead. It's a known transmission problem with the Saturn Vues. GM took over Saturn and then left all of the Vue owners high and dry when they declared bankruptcy. The probable cost to repair the transmission is over the value of his car.


I'm trying very hard to be thankful that we have a second car. At least DH will still be able to work. But the kids and I will be stranded at home when he's gone. I don't know how long it will be before we can get him some sort of replacement. He put in an application for an auto loan at our credit union but it very unlikely they'll approve anything given his recent self-employment and our income level.


And my DD started her first period through all of this. Poor kid.


It could be worse. I'd really like life to get boring again...soon.

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