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Has anyone here used unfinished stone for a backsplash?

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We have it on our bathroom walls and floor. The sealant went on after the grout, then reapplied every 6 months.


No diy place open on Sunday? I wish it were still like that here. Sunday is just another day in the UK......


ETA: NO!! I'm wrong! Dh says he put 2 layers of sealant before the grout, then another couple of layers after. If you don't it's really difficult to wipe off the excess.

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Thanks for the link, Amy. We bought this stuff in 12x12 sheets, so if the store were open I'm sure I could just ask. Lorraine, yes I think what your hubby did might be what we need to do for the kitchen backsplash.


I have a book from Home Depot. It has sections on walls, sections on unfinished stone, but nothing that is exactly what I need. It mentions grout can stain unfinished stone, so apply sealer first. But not to let sealer run into the cracks as it might cause the grout not to bond with the adhesive and tile edges. So I'm wondering if I should seal them before we even put them on the walls. Then do another coat after grouting so that both grout and stones are sealed. Hubby says just to do the first coat of sealant after they're hung, but before grouting. I don't know. :confused:

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