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I hate it when I giggle at my child's pain...

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... but when you've been stepping on random Legos for months, trying to control your temper as you hop on one foot insisting to your DC that the Legos MUST be off the floor...:cursing:


I just heard DS wailing on the steps and came running. I found him sitting on the step, foot in hand, with a Lego beside him. Yep. I smirked. Then, when he recovered and told me there is a new rule in the house, "No more Legos on the floor!" Yep. I giggled.

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Same thing happened with us on Friday, except it involved a sports cup. Ds11 refused to wear his cup to taekwondo sparring Friday night. I told him okay, but he would probably regret it. He got no sympathy when he got a good shot between the legs and went to his knees. I told him to come off the mat and sit for a minute. He looked so upset that I didn't offer any sympathy. I asked him if he would wear his cup next time. He said yes. I win.

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