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Suggestions/opinions/advice PLEASE!!!


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Ok, I have read through her works. I love her philosophy BUT i have to subscribe to BC Ministry of Ed PLO's.:banghead: My hs will be as CM as I can make it. All lessons 10-15min ish. DD will be 5 in October so we will start hs in September. Plan is to do 40 4 day weeks as that is what works for our life. I have scope and sequences available for my resource teacher and think I have a reasonable plan but really REALLY need some feedback. I just can't see keeping DD out of Yr0 next year. Not sure if we will do yr 0.5 or 1 the year after when she is six. So here is the plan:



Phonics: Combination of Alpha phonics and Delightful reading (each 2x per week)

Read Alouds: Various from the AO yr 0 and SCM site. Will read at bedtime and during day when able.

Bible: Using Ergemeiers Story Bible and ESV bible reading OT, NT, Psalm and proverbs weekly (one week from Story Bible Next week from ESV). Approx 10 Memory vs for the year.

Copywork: Using Getty Dubay. One letter per day done perfectly five times

Math: MEP Reception and maybe Rightstart? (each 2x per week or should I just do MEP?)


Outdoor time as much as possible


Nature Study: Was thinking about beefing up science by adding in Elemtnal Science which uses living books but has some great science experiements 2x per week. Uses Comstocks nature study and Mudpies and Magnets

Hymn/folk song/composer study: Listen to selections in car/while playing

Art Study: Thiking about making puzzles out of some prints for her to play with. Will offer artist as she asks.

Poetry: One poem per week

Memory Verses: Approx 10 verses to remember for the year.

Foreign Language: Immersion, we count in french, I use some french words when I can. Thats about it.


In Grade one we will start using Nallenart for French and Story Starters for creative writing. Also will start with journalling and nature journal(she talks I write)

I think this satisfies, as much as is possible, my desire to do CM homeschool while still satisifying my local educational requirements?



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