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Cookbook for Anti-Inflammation Diet? Need suggestions

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A dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with an RA type condition and has been advised to eat an anti-inflammation type diet. She's quiet discouraged about the broad range of foods she is unable to eat, and I would love to find a cookbook that she could use to make some tasty meals that would work for her condition. Anyone out there know of anything like this that you would recommend? Many thanks for any help!

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Our chiro. says grains are inflammatory (flour, rice, corn, wheat, etc., all grains) and recommends a paleo diet. Mark Sisson is a name in that type of eating. Mark's Daily Apple is his blog/site, I think. There are tons more, but I'm drawing a blank right now. Another guy is __________ Wolf (?), I think. Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free are encouraged, too. Google paleo and you'll get info. I've been able to get cookbooks at my library to look at and try before buying. I've not done well following it, but it makes sense. Basically, organic, grass fed meats, veggies, fruit. Honey and maple syrup are ok. Almond flour and coconut flour is used, too. Just wanted to give you something to search and learn about.

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