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HST+ question about extra stuff


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I have tons of extra things sitting around that I'd love to integrate with our schoolwork but either I forget about them or we don't get to them. I'm talking about things like fun workbooks, educational games, math manipulatives, craft kits, etc.


I am very new to HST+ but I'm thinking there must be an easy way to put all these things in there and be able to schedule different times during the week we would pull from our stash of fun stuff.


Would it be best to enter these things into the library or is that mainly for books? If I put the things as supplies then I can't reuse them, right? so I'd have to enter them each time?



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I would put them in the weekly planner and just put a check mark on whatever day I wanted it to show up on the assignment calendar. Please post this over on the HST discussion board, I know Tess and a few of the others will be able to give you some better ideas about what to do and how to do it.


That's probably how I would do it also.


As to the question about if you can put them as resources, yes you can. You can make your own labels. It's not just books. :)

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I didn't know I could make my own labels, boscopup. I'll take better look at that. That would be great if I could assign labels/categories.


Maintenance tab->Other tab->Select table to edit: Resource Types


I think you can also add a new resource type while adding the resource, but I can't remember for sure. A lot of those drop down boxes have an option to add a new one.

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