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Free shipping on German books....


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I just found this great website and just wanted to share :




Their prices are about the same as Amazon.de, but they offer free shipping to the US on orders over 55 Euro!! They are based in Berlin, Germany.

Also, if you register you can keep books in your shopping basket until you're ready to order or change your mind, which is nice since they don't have a "wishlist" like Amazon... :thumbup1:

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We have also made good use of bookdepository.com, as well. It's not based in Germany, but it has quite a few German books. The caveats are that they are often older books (not used, just books that came out a while ago) and that shipping takes a long time (up to 2 weeks). The up-side is that prices are usually cheaper than amazon.de (once you factor in an exchange rate), and there's no minimum purchase for the free shipping, so you can just get a book here and a book there without having to break the bank in one order. :D


It's also a good site for non-german books, because it has books in a variety of languages, and they ship free worldwide.


I hope it's ok to bring back up such an old thread.

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