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Mr Q: form searches and printing and sale ends tomorrow


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Why is a forum search for Mr Q so unproductive?


I remember reading about printing 2 pages as one. Can anyone elaborate on that? Can the worksheets also be printed like that, for older students with small handwriting.


I decided to purchase chem and physics to complete the 4 years even though I'm using Bedell right now. I constantly flip back and forth between these two. As soon as I downloaded the texts I was drawn right back in.


Yes, I'm a big kid and like to do the labs. I never truly MASTERED effortlessly and quickly writing up a lab report, with my boys, and for some reason want to accomplish that for myself :-0


My other goal is to improve my basic scientific literacy. Too much of my own schooling and schooling my boys, involved studying abstract topics that have little or no application to my current life. I really enjoy studying elementary science.


And a reminder. The sale ands tomorrow.

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I was underwhelmed after looking at the life science texts. Still, thanks for sharing.


Regarding printing, you should be able to select print options to get two on a page. Select multi page printing if using Acrobat Reader. You may depending on your setup have to pick an option for printing in landscape.

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