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Suggestions for bored kids!

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My oldest are coming to an age (6-1/2, 9) that they are not interested too much with toys anymore and I am hearing "I am bored" more and more often. Even when we have another homeschool family over (we have 5 kids 9, 6, 5, 3, 1 and theirs are 9, 7, 5) they seem to be "bored". I don't feel like I need to entertain my kids - they should be able to come up with something to keep themselves busy on their own for the most part. It seems like the smaller kids are better at doing that though (with toys, etc). They have plenty of chores (live on a hobby farm) and I don't think they need anymore and we are not a big TV family.


What types of things interest your kids at that age? (we live in the country and I am can not drive into town everyday)

What sort of things do they do with their friends? card games?

When your kids have friends do they complain they are bored?


Keep in mind it is January in the (rural) Midwest right now which more than likely means 30mph winds and temps of about 6 (wind chill below zero!) which means most of what we are doing right now is indoors AND I am toting a 3 year old and a 15 month old with me while doing things.






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In the middle of my dining room is a vetinary hospital made of blankets and chairs. Built by DD10 yesterday, she and her 9yo friend are practicing vet medicine on a variety of webkinz, breyer horses, and stuffed animals. They took a break to go upstairs and play barbies for awhile.


My boys at that age were more into cars, hotwheels ramps and tracks, rc race cars, and Nintendo. Also legos, lincoln logs, knex, and erector sets.


Indoor Forts Rule!

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My kids play board games, and indulge in lots of imagination-type play. We have daily pillow fights, sometimes they do art projects or random crafts or science projects ... I have idea books for both plus plenty of supplies in an area accessible to the older kids. During inclement weather we have indoor ping pong games across a dining room table, or treasure hunts (they do the hiding/finding themselves). They lay around on the floor and listen to music or audio books - sometimes we get into spontaneous dance-offs LOL. We bake.


And still they're sometimes just bored. It's okay, since I sometimes just get bored also. But they know if they complain to me about being bored, I'll fix that for them. Toilets! A chore I despise and am eager to trade off to anyone who complains of being bored :D that's usually incentive enough for them to figure out something to do, even if it's not their most favorite or interesting thing to do (it's better than the alternative!)

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