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littlelincoln/lincoln interactive reviews?


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I am considering this for my kids next year. One of the public charter schools here uses this. I need some advice about the pros/cons of a charter school or picking my own curriculum.

I am burned out right now, we added a baby last Feb, a 7 month old in Oct and a 4 yo in Nov! 2011 was very busy for us as we adopted 2 from Ethiopia, bring our total number of kids to 7.

So, am I thinking rationally in considering charter virtual school for my olders (K, 3,4) I was hoping it would keep them more motivated, getting their own computer and having online video lessons that this lincoln curriculum has.

But, I don't like evolutionary content, being tied down to public school, etc, but we are not getting school done consistently around here!

I might be thinking what we have is not working but it might be that until we adjust to the new ones, nothing will work well right now.

I just like the idea of them all sitting so peacefully doing their own work!!!!haha

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I was considering a virtual school with Little Lincoln last year. I was able to e-mail someone using LL and get more info from her. She scanned & sent me 20 pages of the K teachers manual (the only level she was using...I was looking at 1st or 2nd)....but it was helpful to see more samples. If you want, pm me with your e-mail address and I can try to send you the samples. Btw....even though LL looked so good, I ended up going with our own school districts homebased program (which I didn't even know existed when I was considering LL).

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I noticed that someone on this thread had a sample of the curriculum? I am new to the list, but would love to have an example. My DD is in 5th grade and is accelerated, bored, and very unhappy. So we are looking for an alternative.


We homeschooled for 1/2 of K & 1/2 of first before returning home while my youngest daughter was be treated for Pre-B ALL...(having a lap top and being mobile just made it easier on all of us).


We have tried two years with both girls now in a bricks and motar. We have found many resources for my younger daughter (until yesterday when they told me they would not be available next year) but have struggled all yera with my gifted learner.


My biggest concerrns are being able to accelerate at her pace.


:grouphug: Glad to find this fourm.



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We used Little Lincoln for two years. I had no complaints with the curriculum itself. My daughter thought it was interesting and fun. The reason we left is because my daughter started to accelerate in language arts and it is not possible to accelerate in one subject in Little Lincoln since the curriculum advances in one 'day' increments and one 'day' includes all subjects.


There were four five minute videos and a few worksheets for each day. The videos are entertaining enough to hold a child's attention. There were suggestions for going into more depth on a topic and there were options for other work in addition to the assigned work if your child needed reinforcement. There were crafts, but we didn't do all of those. It was a 'gentle' curriculum in that was enjoyable, my daughter learned something, but it seemed to us that it moved rather slowly.


I have a granddaughter who has used it for three years now and enjoys it.


I have no experience with Lincoln Interactive.

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