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Fish Oil for Kids - How Much?

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My dds (especially the smaller one) seem to get nosebleeds from taking fish oil. So I've stopped giving it, but I keep thinking that I ought to just give them less. The amount I'd been giving was about half a teaspoon, as directed.


If you had a 5yo child weighing about 35 lbs, how much fish oil (liquid) would you give her?


Did any of you have the issue with nosebleeds associated with fish oil? What did you do?

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no issue with nosebleeds, and I've never heard of that before. does the fish oil you're using claim to be tested to be heavy metal free? look at where it is coming from.


my 6 1/2 yo (I think he was about 42lbs at the time) was prescribed 1600mg in a liquid by his DAN! he won't take a liquid, but I found capsules that he is, mostly, willing to take. she gave him a professional grade nordic naturals, pro omega. the otc version is ultimate omega and they seem to be basically the same.

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I give dd one tsp a day. She's 3.5, and weighs thirty pounds exactly.


Fish oil acts as a blood thinner. If your children are having nosebleeds from a relatively low dose, I'd discontinue it and possibly talk to a doctor just to make sure they don't have some kind of clotting disorder or something.

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