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Counting by multiples


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Is there a resource to help children practice counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc.? What I'd like is a dot to dot that has all of the numbers on the page but you can only get the picture by following the designated multiples. The ones I've found have the page with only the multiples so it is too easy. My kids are not retaining this despite practicing it daily and now it is causing problems working with money because they are no good at counting by 5s and 10s quickly- not to mention 25s which they take one look at and freeze up.


On the computer, they can count by 5s and 10s. They can do it on paper and add it. They can even add it in their heads if you just give them the problem and say what is 12 + 10, for example, but to count it in a series still causes them to struggle a ton. They love dot to dots and I thought that would be fun for them but I'd be interested in any other fun easy way to get this to stick in their heads. They are in 2nd grade. I'd consider joining enchanted learning, abc teach, teacher file box, etc., if it has what I want and I don't have to make it myself.

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This is usually known as "skip counting," so you can try googling that.

Here's a free resource we've had lots of fun with. Not exactly what you're looking for, but you just print off the page you need and you can practice in various ways.

There are also some musical resources... you can find some on this older thread.


p.s. if you're handy with PhotoShop or any other paint program, just import ANY appropriate dot-to-dot as a jpg or other image format, erase the existing numbers and add whatever number sequence you want the child to learn...

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