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History Program ?

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I'm starting to plan for next year....


So, next fall, my 6th and 3rd graders will be doing SOTW Volume 3. I would like to have my 10th grader study the same time period, but using her own curriculum. She works independently, but I would still like us to be on the same cycle. What program/curriculum would you suggest? :bigear:

ETA: I'd like a program that is open and use...something she can do independently. with questions and projects already planned. Must have an easy to use teacher's manual. I'd love for it to have discussion questions for us to go over together.

Many thanks,

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Are you looking for the younger two or for your 10th grader?


For the younger two, I would definitely use the Activity Guide which has book suggestions, map work, review questions, and lots more. I just found Classical House of Learning, which is a literature study for the grammar and logic stage.




For the 10th grader, I really love Omnibus II or you could use V, as well. Both are challenging and include Bible, literature, history, and art history. The book is beautifully illustrated. I am not sure about the difficulty difference between II and V. We have used I & II and both are pretty extensive. Maybe someone else will be able to answer this.




Biblioplan can be used for all grade levels and has a high school supplement. I always tell people that, to me, Biblioplan is like a mini-version of TOG. It has many of the same components, but you don't have to narrow down all the choices yourself. It has a mapwork component and some other downloads that go with it as well.





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