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Educational Songs/Music


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Anyone have a playlist of educational songs that they love? I find sifting through Youtube is a vortex that keeps sucking me in too deep.


I'm looking for songs that teach science, math facts and social sciences


I like the Presidents songs off of Nickelodeon Kids pick the president and the 50 States That Rhyme. so far


I'm not having luck with science songs...


I can't seem to find much that isn't mostly geared towards Pre-K range (ABC's, animals, etc) but I'd love to find some songs that are really educational, will teach a lot of basic KNOWLEDGE that is usually learned by rote...


They Might Be Giants is a big hit or miss for me from what I've heard of them so far...some of their stuff is (in my opinion) noisy/grating/nerve wracking....and I'm not sure where the education is, I see the pattern of what they're getting at, but I'm not sure how young kids would pull out the info that they are supposed to be learning...

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All of the Horrible Histories songs are educational. My favorite is the kings and queens song, which covers all the English monarchs since Edward the Conqueror, minus Jane Grey.


Lyrical Life Science and its companion Lyrical Earth Science might be what you're looking for as far as science songs go. Or would something like this be what you're looking for?

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They sell the DVDs at the Amazon UK site. I bought both series one and series two, you can select the scenes you want if you don't want to watch the entire episode, and they play just fine on my computer. I haven't found any place that has just the songs.


So you live in the US and the UK DVDs work on your computer? You didn't do anything special to make them work? I'd LOVE to buy these DVDs, but the UK thing has kept me from doing so...

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