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Any fun games for working on table manners?

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Our whole family is working on our table manners. I have a list of a bunch of things we have been working on together during meals:

Men stand until ladies are seated

Napkin in lap

Do not start eating until after praying

Elbows off the table

Utensils held properly

Take small bites

Cut only 2-3 bites at a time

No slurping or inhaling food

No talking while chewing

Keep lips closed while chewing

Wipe mouth before taking a drink

Say please and thank you

Never make rude comments about any dish

Thank the cook for dinner


Any of you have a game that would help us incorporate this more easily, and maybe even make it more fun? Something we could do at the table in the moment, not like a board game later, you know? I'd prefer it not be simply my saying 1000 times, "Don't talk with your mouth full."


Also if there is any sort of reward or anything, it can't be sugar-related. My DH would never go for that ;-)


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As a kid, we had a song for putting elbows on the table. When you see someone put their elbows on the table, you shout out, "Sally's got her elbows on the table!" Then Sally has to get up and run around the table while everyone sings, "Around the table you must go, you must go, you must go...Back around the other way....You've been naughty ..." I don't know how to explain the tune. Sorry...


Have fun!


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