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online programs??

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More specifically, I'm thinking of an all inclusive approach. But, I'm new to this sort of thing and really just need a jumping off point. I've always pieced everything together for my kids. We've never used a box curriculum, and now, I'm just exhausted. I have no idea if a change in our approach to curriculum would make a difference or not. I guess I'm just searching for some less demanding options at this point. :)


Grades would be for 8th, 6th, and 4th!


Thanks again!




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I guess I'm just searching for some less demanding options at this point. :)


Hmm... if I may suggest, perhaps a book for you instead of a pricey online curriculum for them? Anything with the name Ruth Beechick on the cover is, I have found, intensely relaxing, in terms of helping me back off and believe it will all be okay. :-)


I am currently reading Homeschooling Methods, by the people who put out The Old Schoolhouse (former magazine, now digital -grrr...). I thought it would be kind of "fluff" reading and I'm pleasantly surprised. Ruth Beechick's 3R's book is also very back to basics.


(if you're not Christian, or not religious, you may need to skip a bit, but honestly, I'm Jewish and the fact that these books were written by people of another faith doesn't offend me...)


It can be easy to get overwhelmed if you're on these forums, seeing all that other people are doing and thinking your kids are missing out, but honestly, you have to step back and see what works for you. Re-focus on the basics and then just fill in with fun stuff you all enjoy.

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