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Excel on the iPad?

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I'm doing a project for someone, and they're sending me info via an Excel file. I need to open this database, update it, and send it back. Our "workhorse" computer is a desktop PC, so I could do it there. But it would be much comfier to do it on the iPad. I'm still a bit new to the iPad. Is there an app that will let me do this? Documents To Go, maybe? Dropbox might be helpful? I know what I want to do; I just need to figure out how to get there.

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Numbers is the App from Apple, that is comparable and compatible with Excel.


Numbers is from the iWork software suite, created for Mac, as a comparable for Office.




It's also an App for the iPad. You can open/edit/save/send Excel files with Numbers, and have no issues, and send them to a PC users, and they will not have issues either! Plus you have support! I sometimes hate getting those obscure Apps because where do you go with questions!?!? Well, besides here at WTM forums, of course:tongue_smilie:

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