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Conjugating verbs in FLL4 - what is the point of chanting?


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First I have to say that I did not learn to conjugate verbs at any point in my schooling, so the concept of learning the correct usage of verbs in this manner is total foreign to me.


I find trying to chant the charts that are given awkward and rather pointless.


Can anyone tell me if they skip the conjugating charts completely? Perhaps replace it with something else?

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We just read through them as the guide suggests. I guess that's the same as chanting. We aren't trying to memorize them or anything, he knows the correct form to use.


I think the point of it is to introduce the terms conjugation, infinitive, and to understand that English makes sense and regular verbs are conjugated similarly. Then understand that there are irregular verbs that don't work like that, just as there in Latin and other languages.


I also think there are a few verbs that children (and maybe not just children) seem to have trouble with in certain tenses. It can't hurt to go over them.

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