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Android App Suggestions PLEASE


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ETA: sorry, I missed the pre-k part


The specialized apps we use most are:


Countries of the World by Socratica

RealCalc (we use plus)

Math Workout (we use pro)

Wikidroid for Wikipedia, though Wikipedia *finally* has a workable app out for Android

the Oxford Dictionary of English (though I got it for next to nothing way back when... it is *not* worth $30), though the Dictionary.com is fine (we have ad-free)


The rest of our school use is the general "must-have" apps: browser (I use Dolphin HD); Google Maps, Earth, and Sky Map; YouTube. I'm still playing around with PDF markup programs, and haven't settled on one yet.

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Heres what i have for my 7 year old...

Second grade smart kids

math bingo

Math balloons

Spelling fun

my first money

Money count

Playtime clock

Brain teasers


These were all free. There are lots of reading apps too. Check for pbs and bob books. I hope this helps


Oh...for me i love a lot of the games..but for practical..i love moneywise for budgeting and out of milk for grocery shopping

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I found a space app called Solar Explorer Lite (you can upgrade but I don't know how much it costs).


If you want phonics, number, reading etc games I found the ones by Intellijoy to be rather good. We have Kids ABC Phonics, Kids Learn To Read and Kids Numbers and Math. I paid about $5 to upgrade them from lite versions.


There is an app called 123s ABCs handwriting fun which uses the Zaner-Bloser print style. It is by teachersparadise.com.


Oh and be careful that you don't use the Samsung Apps to get the apps, I tried some from there and they were all buggy and messed up my phone. Better off with the android market. :)

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Might be a bit old for pre-k, but we love AnkiDroid, which is a flashcard app. Free, there's lots of free decks you can download, and it is easy to make your own.


And you must get the free Google Sky. Again, maybe a bit old for pre-kers, but it is magic.

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I bought an Acer Iconia to review more Android apps - well, I own an app review website, so it's justified :). I have some reviews here:




BUT you'll want to get Famigo Sandbox for child-proofing your device, Intellijoy has awesome apps, Oceanhouse Media has the best storybook apps, and some really great iOS developers are working on porting to Android too - so watch for good apps coming soon!

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i just got this in an email today...



"Hi Everyone,


We're excited to announce our new partnership with Brain Books to bring you

our children's books as Apps. There's lots to download for free. Go here to

see the entire collection:

https://market.android.com/developer?pub=Brain+Books "


anyway. looks like some good stuff for your kid's ages:)

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