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Ekobrew refillable K-Cups are WONDERFUL!

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I ordered these from Amazon and just got them yesterday. I have already retired the My K-Cup that came with my Cuisinart-Keurig brewer that I got for Christmas. I like my coffee strong, and these Ekobrew filters do an AMAZING job of making the coffee just the way I like it. I had tried everything with the My K-Cup, from varying the amount of ground coffee to making modifications to the filter attachment itself, but I could not consistently get a good cup of coffee. For one cup of brewed coffee, I was having to use almost as much ground coffee as I would use to make two cups with my traditional coffee maker. This morning, I tried the new Ekobrew filter, and WOW! I used only about half as much ground coffee as I had to use with the My K-Cup, and the flavor is perfect!

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I second that!!! I don't use it myself, but I got one for fil for Christmas & my dh took it over - he LOVES it. We actually have both the Solofill, the My K Cup & the Ekobrew & the Ekobrew is BY FAR the best of those for people who like strong coffee! My dh & FIL both really like strong coffee, too... :)


The Solofill is nice, but it doesn't brew a strong enough cup & is a bit of a hassle to clean out (with the little bottom area).


My K Cup is a pain, since I use the regular Kcups myself & I don't like having to trade the holder on and off on and off. The cup can be brewed stronger, though, so that is nice.


The Ekobrew is the best of both worlds - it has an area inside of about the same size as the My K Cup filter holder, so it brews a stronger cup that the Solofill. You get to just drop it into the regular holder, though, so it is less of a hassle when interchanging things! Also, it is easier to clean out.


PS - Ekobrew also works when you accidentally cram it on the wrong way (not making sure the slot matches up with the bottom needle) and poke a hole in the bottom of it... Um, yeah. Sigh. :D


We will definitely be buying more of those over the years!

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