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Typing: At how many WPM should they stop?

At how many WPM should they stop drilling?  

  1. 1. At how many WPM should they stop drilling?

    • Below 20 WPM
    • 20-29 WPM
    • 30-39 WPM
    • 40-49 WPM
    • 50-59 WPM
    • 60-69 WPM
    • 70+ WPM
    • Other

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Reg & I were talking about this today, and since we couldn't decide, we thought we'd ask the hive. :)


Our children use Typing Instructor Deluxe to teach and drill their skills. It's just a cheapo program, so the program itself doesn't matter to us. Our question is when is it OK to stop drilling? 30 WPM? 40 WPM? Or some higher number?


FWIW, we both feel that typing is a very important skill, but we don't have the children spend a lot of time on it.


We are all ears about this, so please make comments below.



GardenMom & RegGuheert

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Depending on the age of the kids.....<10 a good speed is 25-30 WPM, for >10 they should be able to get to 40+ WPM before ending drills, then just daily typing as part of routine will likely increase speed up to somewhere in the 50-70+ range.


I agree with this basically. I'd want my kid in the 45+ range to consider them comfortable enough to continue improving. A younger child (say that 30 wpm range) might still be in danger of bad habits/hunt n peck so I'd continue regular instruction to build skill. Once a child reaches the mid-40's they will likely continue to improve especially if you have built in practice. I'm saying I'd prioritize regular instruction until I reached the 45ish range. But, assuming a child is able to get there (most can), I would likely continue with a more relaxed approach to provide opportunity to build skill.

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Kids do a lot more typing these days - so getting to 45wpm was not that difficult. But I am thinking of an age range of 14-18.

A lot of people are at 45wpm but still have a few errors. You can decide the margin of error with which you are comfortable.

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There's a certain point where simply composing papers, lists, or writing things improves typing more than anything else.


FWIW, I typed 120+ wpm with 99% accuracy the last test I took, and it's not through drill -- it's through active and constant use of typing as a mode of communication.


(Also, my technique is bad. According to someone who watched me, I don't use the correct fingers for the keys. But at this point, I really don't think it matters. :P)

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jobs that do typing tests want a minimum of 60wpm. at least in my day.. . .


I have one son who types 113wpm - but he got that fast by iming.


My first job out of college required all computer programmers to do at least 80wpm or take a cbt for typing. :confused: I passed but thought it was so stupid since as a programmer, I never just sit and type.


For a kid learning to type, I would think 40wpm would be good assuming that they will continue to practice through writing assignments done on the computer or occasional drill.

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