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Littlest returning to public school

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Well, my husband and I have decided it's best for our youngest to go to public school. She attended preK at the local school last year but we had decided to homeschool her this year along with her two older siblings (both 4th grade).


This year has been rough. Despite my attempts to make our days enjoyable, they have grown less and less so. Her negative behavior is affecting the older 2 and their academics as well as my attitude toward her in general which makes me feel like such a bad mom!


She has all year said she did NOT want to go to the PS. Well we came to find out she really just didn't want to get the last 2 shots she needed to do so (we vaccinate). So all this year she could have cared less about going or not if it hadn't been for the fear of the shots. UGH!


So, we had the last two shots done last week and now all of a sudden she wants to go, have a locker, her own desk, see her neighborhood friends, etc. SIGH! It's a bummer because the older two could have been having a much better year (me too) had we not been dealing with all of this.


I guess I am just posting to post. I don't really need any advice. I know we are doing what is best for her and our family. Just wish we had known sooner.

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I will be sending my littlest for at least half-day so he can get one-on-one services. he has ASD and I'm grateful some of the therapies he needs he'll be able to get through the school. It is a grieving process, you want to homeschool, but other circumstances make it not work as you'd wish. I now worry less about what we aren't getting done, and just working on his reading/writing and math and helping him to be successful - even if it takes us four days to do one page and he only writes one word in his own handwriting . . . .

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