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Moving Beyond the Page, which level?

Laura in MI

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I was researching and this afternoon and came across this! It looks awesome!


Dh wants me to get a curriculum for dss's 7 & 9, I agree. Our days haven't been going well, we need something planned for us. Our unschooling history hasn't been working because "there's nothing about history I want to learn about" :glare:


I was looking at starting either the 6-8 program or 7-9. Leaning more towards the 6-8 because they've been in PS and have many gaps. I also would like to change their attitude about learning.. And if we really like it and wan't to continue with it we'll have some more years to use ;)


Dh said to to get it, I just need to know a level. Would it be pointless to use the 6-8 level with a 7 (8 in May) and dyslexic (And possibly other LD's) 9 yo (10 in September)? I worry the level 7-9 will be to hard/ move to fast for dss9 because he's struggling with reading 3rd grade level books and by the end of that year they're reading 4th grade books.


Anyone who's used it which would you choose? :bigear:


Thank you! :001_smile:

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Firstly a confession - I have not used this but I have looked at it extensively thinking I might want to.


The curriculum is targeted at gifted children so I think starting at the lower level would be fine if you have regular/struggling children.


I don't think many people here have used it - there is a message board on the site if you want to ask more questions.


I'm still considering trying a unit for my DD but I'm still unsure - from the reviews of it that I've found quite a few people say it looks better on the website then what it actually is.


I would recommend starting with one unit to try over buying the whole curriculum in one shot


Here is a review I found of it http://cathyduffyreviews.com/unit-studies/moving-beyond-the-page.htm


Quote from the review - "At present, the curriculum is available for teaching kindergarten through sixth grades** at a gifted level. The same curriculum might be used with average students in grades one through seven." So basically if your kid is not gifted go back a grade.

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I have a relative who has been using MPTB. She absolutely loves it but she stressed to me that it is NOT for accelerated learners as advertised. A typical 6 year old will find it typical 6 year old work and that at age level, it is not challenging in anyway.


She suggested if I were to try it, I just buy one unit (not call unit, though... can't remember the word) to give is a shot. Since it is heavy in activities,though, it would not be for us.

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I recommend the 7-9 level. You can always read the books to your kids if they find reading them too difficult, and this is suggested in the parent manual. We have done a couple of lit units from 7-9, and aside from the writing, it's really not that advanced. I had pieced together a couple of the 6-8 units last year and from what I recall, I don't think your older son would find it challenging enough.

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My son is 7 and in the 2nd grade. We are using 6-8 and it is perfect for him, I think 7-9 would have been too difficult for him and there's much more writing, as well.


There is a Yahoo! Group and a facebook group for MBtP that you can join, too.


I get 95% of our books from the public library with no problem, so I do not purchase the books from them.


There are many MBtP families at: http://www.secularhomeschool.com I am sure if you ask your question there, you receive some more answers and advice.

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I have used this program and I made a mistake that I don't want anyone else to make.


First your child that is struggling to read needs a systematic approach to learning to read. This is from advice I was given after my daughter was at her lowest point emotionally over the struggle. There is so much I could add to explain but I am trying to keep it short. I am very passionate about not letting another child experience the same.


I chose 7-9 because I wanted to engage my daughter in science and SS where she was so strong. Like a grade level or two above.


I ignored the company's advice to choose based on reading level. I figured I could read the books for her but I felt like I was the one doing school. Plus I had a small child among other commitments.


The other challenge is the work pages. These are not worksheets but pages to record data from the lesson. Sometimes it is one word. Sometimes it is a sentence. My struggling reader stressed out when she had to take her complex idea and write it in sentence form. I did some for her but it is important for a struggling student to have opportunities for pencil on paper. That is per a dyslexic specialist.


My daughter loved learning about Helen Keller and making weather instruments. She had no problem with the concepts but the reading/writing was stressful.


We started in September and both were burned out and in tears by December.


In hind sight I would have ordered 6-8. The lessons in this curriculum offer a few different options for activities so all your children will be challenged.


The most important thing for a struggling reader is learning to read. Because so much energy is spent on that the other subjects should be enjoyed so that learning is still fun. There will be time to catch up with science and SS.


My daughter hates the mention of MBTP and I know it is my fault. I still have some of the elements in my pile of things to sale.


My advice is to pick one or two concepts from the 6-8 level and work through them. Then YOU will know best. There are yahoo groups if you search where you can find the curriculum used. eBay too. Keep checking.

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There are several sample lessons on the MBTP website. I would download those and try them with your kids. If the 6-8 is too simple or the 7-9 is too hard, you'll find out by doing.


I don't use MBTP, but I see the attraction. You might find that after doing one unit or so you are more confident and have better habits that will allow you to continue the approach without actually using (or buying) more of the program.


Good luck!

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Thanks, I asked the question on the Moving beyond the page forums.


I'm still undecided if I want to do this or a different unit study.. It looks like a lot of fun, but it's so expensive! I think we could put together/get something else for way cheaper.



Frankly, I cannot say enough good things about this program. For me it was the answer to most of my problems.


First of all, this program really isn't a unit study as in themes. It is based on a Constructivist theory of education.


Several problems with MBTP come from choosing the wrong level for your child, as someone above mentioned. I would recommend choosing your level based on writing level as well as reading level. Can you child write a solid sentence? If not then for sure 6-8. If you child can write a solid paragraph then for sure 7-9.


For me, I have two 15.5 months apart, I have used them together in both the levels you're discussing. The six year old could not read and could not write when we did the first Language arts unit of 7-9. She got something out of it but I will repeat it with her later. I read it all and wrote it all for her.


Now I have them both in 6-8. And also like a previous person stated I am using both the Option 1, which is easier, and the Option 2 which is harder. Not every activity has these options though.


But just as we can learn new information from a book written for children, teens or college level children can and will learn new information if they enjoy the process.


MBTP uses concrete examples to describe an abstract concept. Hence you find their nine week sections will have names like Change, Measurement, Environment and the science, social studies, and language arts will all support the main abstract concept.


The repetition does not come from each activity but as you work through the book you will find that the concept is expressed in a variety of ways. While it isn't used for only Gifted children it uses the same approach as what is used in Gifted education. For example, the 5-7 is supposedly a gifted Kindergarten program, and/or a first grade program.


But with how you described your children, if it were me, obviously my opinion, I would look through the 6-8 material descriptions, find ONE concept that would please your sons, buy that and all the books. Work through that one concept then you can move to the 7-9 program. OR, if you choose you could then purchase a second 6-8. My feeling is that after 9 weeks you'd move into 7-9 with little problems.


You are 100% correct that you want them to enjoy learning. This program is hands on! It has drawing, cutting, glueing, acting, researching, life applications, spelling, and some math. It is a complete program that needs very very little added to it. For example, I add RightStart math and we do some phonics and handwriting but not much else.


Each level seems to get a bit harder, so that the 4th concept is a bit harder than the first.


I have used both the library and the purchased books. The library could hold you up if you find yourself loving it and wanting to move along. Or you could find a lot of the books used. Either way the books are important and you need to have them.


Okay, all of that being said, if you have others on the way up, it is cheaper to buy the entire package and in April they have a Spring discount.


Also it is hands on as in, you're spending the time with them, talking and thinking and doing. So it isn't a hand it to them and go program until about age 9-12. With your littles around you may find that your lessons get interrupted. But a lot of the activities could have them included.


As far as expense, i've heard other folks saying that it is expensive, but to me, I feel strongly that the time I spent looking up and creating my own program was more expensive than paying for someone to do that while I spent the time with my family.


Good luck and if you'd like to talk specifics you can message me. Or post if you think others wouldn't mind.

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