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Mind helping me out with this healthy eating challenge?

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My husband just sent me this link:




Basically, you eat from the top 2 tiers with a bit from the third and avoid the bottom two.


He is planning on starting an exercise routine next week and he wants to start a healthy eating plan to go along with it. Of course he's dragging me into this with him. :tongue_smilie:


We eat a pretty typical diet, with the exception that I'm gluten free. I've tried changing our diets in the past to be healthier, but dh is too picky and the kids follow his reactions to food. If you don't mind, could you look over this plan and help me come up with some tasty recipes that my picky eater dh and kids will actually eat?


Thank you very much!

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What kind of foods does everyone agree to hate? :) I could find some good recipes, but need to know what foods from the good tiers everyone enjoys.


Do they like soups? I think that's the easiest way to serve a healthy meal, but that's just me--my family doesn't really care for soup, unless it is ridden with cheese and potatoes :)

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Looks like corn tortilla burritos with whole grain rice and refried beans, plus cheese and salsa would work.


Corn tacos would also be an option as long as you use ground chicken, buffalo, or turkey-top with cheese, salsa, and veggies of choice.


You could make a 'spaghetti' and sauce using quinoa pasta or spaghetti squash and homemade sauce (with no sugar) You could even add meatballs made from an approved meat.


Cauliflour crust pizza


Buffalo, chicken/turkey, salmon, or veggie burgers on whole grain rolls


These are great-my kids won't eat the peppers, but they gobble up the rest



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