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Paging Dr. Hive!

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For a year, I've been trying to puzzle out DD6's symptoms. Just wondering if anyone has BTDT with this! Here's what he experiences:


knee pain

hot flashes (very transitory; usually at night, sometimes during the day)

low energy (we used to do 2-3 mile hikes with no problem; now he CRIES if has to walk more than 1/2 mile; this is just not like him)

frequent stomachaches (not connected to any particular food or event)

frequent headaches

occasional diarrhea (but it's been a while)

liquids make his tummy hurt (hot or cold; sweet or not)

no weight gain in 6 months; has dropped from 50th percentile (I think that was his highest) to 12th for weight; 50th to 24th for height

nose is usually stuffed up, but not drippy

sometimes he says his eyes hurt

very low appetite

he's pretty pale


He's just not a complainer. The symptoms were pretty active a year ago, then mostly subsided except for stomachaches and headaches (which came irregularly). Now they're back chronically, and I think it's a little odd that it's almost exactly a year later (something seasonal??). He's cheerful and happy and does great with his learning.


He saw the gastroenterologist a year ago. No H. Pylori. We're meeting again next week to see about getting him scoped. Blood work seemed okay. Tested for giardia (we had a round of it a few years ago). Tested negative (but it's not uncommon to have false negatives). A doctor friend suggested he might be anemic, so I'm going to check if that was already tested or not. He's going to have allergy testing this week to make sure I can eliminate that before having him scoped.


Possibilities I've thought of: anemia (caused by not eating enough), Crohn's disease, IBS, food allergy...


Any other suggestions for things to look into??? I wish I knew what was dragging him down. :(


Thanks so much!!

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Have you looked into Lyme disease? Of the things you mentioned, knee pain, eye pain, headaches, digestive problems all can be related to Lyme disease. (a lot of things mimic that disease though) Wouldn't hurt to get his blood tested for it, if you haven't already.


Adding a link to a page of symptoms:


Lyme Disease Symptoms

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Have you had him allergy tested. We went through several of the same symptoms when my son was about your son's age. It turned out that he had a few allergies. He was allergic to our dog and also to dust and mold. He never had a runny nose, itchy eyes or any symptoms you would have expected him having. He presented with an upset tummy, tired, irritable, not a great appetite. The doctor kept treating him for constipation :glare:. Apparently everything just ran down into his tummy instead of out his nose. Once we cleaned up his environment and had him on zyrtec for awhile it made a huge difference. He has since outgrown some of it.


I hope you find out what is bothering your DS. It is so frustrating when you know something is wrong and the doctors can't figure out what.

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I'm with the others...food allergies (including celiac disease/IBS/etc), Lyme disease, thyroid or autoimmune issues.


The liquids make his tummy hurt has me stumped.....what are you giving him? I'd guess fructose imbalance/food allergy on that one...


Anemia should've showed up in the bloodwork. Was his white blood cell count high? Did they test his thyroid?

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The liquids make his tummy hurt has me stumped.....what are you giving him? I'd guess fructose imbalance/food allergy on that one...


He usually just drinks water, soy milk, or milk. 2x/month we have orange juice with breakfast night. Friday night and Saturday afternoon he has about 4 ounces of grape juice. :)

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