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"Pre-algebra" practice?


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We are using MM5 for my 5th grader, which we love. However, we are in CA, and he is expected to be familiar with variable expressions. For example, reading through a word problem and knowing that 2x-7 is the correct expression to solve the problem. This isn't covered in MM5.


He understands algebra concepts pretty well, so I don't need a whole program, but I would like some practice other than just a worksheet of "solve x-7," which is all I'm finding online.


Anyone have any ideas where to find this supplement? I'm also looking for the appropriate Khan Academy video, if there is one, but I've only found ones that are more advanced. Does anyone know if there is one at this level? Thanks so much.

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MM 6A pp. 37-39 or, this MM blue topic book, have practice solving equations, and the pages just before that include discussing expressions vs. equations.


However, translating a word problem into an equation is an entirely different matter, and you may want to clarify that that is what is meant by the CA standard. (I don't know anything about the CA standards, but they annoy me just hearing about them.) Maybe there's something in one of the SM CWPs?

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Here is an example from the STAR test for 5th grade math:


Ahn has 64 crayons. This number is 18 more crayons than Bill has. Which equation should be used to find b, the number of crayons Bill has?

A b=64-18

B b=64/18

C b=64+18

D b=64x18


Now, I think my ds would know that you subtract 18 from 64 to find the number of crayons, but I thought it would be nice to get some practice using a variable for various types of word problems.


I'll check out MM6A - we will need that for prime factorization anyhow, which is the only other topic missing topic for CA standards. (And yes, especially considering CA's abysmal school system, I too get annoyed by their standards.)

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