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Gifts for mechanically minded 6 YO?

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My baby is turning 6 in two weeks. She is really curious and loves to take things apart. Like two nights ago she took apart our old vacuum cleaner with her daddy's tool box. She loves taking apart stuff and collecting random bits of mechanicalness and repurposing them (think vacuum cleaner belt and spring with pink tissue paper glued to it = princess crown OR pretend robot made of tubing and metal). I have no idea what to get her in this vein. Kits or....something?


Do any of you wise mamas have ideas? Thanks!

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After seeing them recommended by others here I bought a robot from www.superdroidrobots.com for us to put together but we haven't done it yet. It looks fun but we just haven't gotten to it yet.


Also, I bought Snap Circuits for my 6 yo daughter for Christmas and she loves it. I bought a set from Amazon.com for about $30 and there are 300 projects in there.

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First of all, that is really cute and sweet that she likes to do that. :001_smile:


I'd get her a tool box of her own, plus some things to take apart. She'd be so happy!


In the toolbox, you could put a screwdriver set and a wrench set. And then you could have a big box of either broken things from your house that she can take apart, or you could find inexpensive things at the thrift store for her to take apart.


Just make sure she's not got anything sharp or dangerous, and you've got a fun hobby for your little girl. :)

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