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Hallmark Movie---special needs kids going to space camp--based on local kids

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I haven't seen the movie and just heard about it today but it looks good. It is based on the true story of local special needs kids being denied a chance at Space Camp and how they fought for the right to go.


I am sure it will be a total tear jerker for me as the mom of special needs kids. I would love to take the kids to the red carpet showing on the big screen but dh and ds start an archery class that night.


It is showing on ABC on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 9pm EST

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Thanks for posting the time and date!


Part of the film was filmed where we live (Huntsville) and my son, some of his friends and even my husband and I were able to be extras! The final scene was filmed at 12:30am back in November and we had temps below freezing (very unusual for us) in between takes we had to put our coats on and then quickly take them off when the Director called for action...we had to pretend it was a hot May day! We would take our jackets off and sit on them, dh kept forgetting to roll his sleeves up....it will be funny if we catch a scene where one second they have a coat on and the next they don't! :)

The kids who acted as the special crew were phenomenal...worked so hard and did a great job! The key actors were very professional and kind as well..a great experience for my son's first official paycheck! :) The teacher and now author of the book lives about 10 miles from us...he came up to us and thanked us for giving up a Saturday night to finish the film and that he promised his students a film would be made about it! His dream is coming true! :)

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Very neat. Sounds like a good film. If I can get it recorded you will have to tell us where to look for you.


M.y son and his friends were playing the 'smart' kids sponsored by Parisian Air :). One of his friends was hung from a contraption as an astronaut :)...all scenes during space camp...dh and I were in the audience at the final awards ceremony, we sat directly across from the young actors the movie was about...fun and actors work their tail off...not to mention the slew of crew!

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