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Apologia sceince -- which is FIRST?

momma aimee

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Exploring Creating with Physical Science says

This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology


But I am having a hard time finding "#1" -- or figuring out if they hav e a gradeschool line at all, i think they do -- or this one would bot be listed as last before high school -- but.. ??


yes this is my night of basic questions

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I believe "Zoo1" is Exploring Creation with Zoology: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. That's what we're doing now. It should come first because there's some (kinda dull) taxonomy stuff at the beginning.


Oh - she says on her website, " I recommend you begin with which ever book you and your children believe to be the most interesting right now. Follow your interests."


And also, "If you choose to do Zoology 2 before Zoology 1, your child will not get a detailed look into animal classification or endangered species. These two topics are discussed in the first lesson of Zoology 1. However, this first lesson of Zoology 1 is the sample lesson available for download from Apologia's website. You are free to print it up and discuss these topics with your children if you desire for them to learn about them before you begin Zoology 2."


So there you go - do whichever you like first, download the (yawn, but perhaps necessary) taxonomy stuff and just teach it first!


(I made up this printable to liven up the first chapter, if it's helpful to anybody!)

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