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West coast(ish) vacation?

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Hubby and I want to get away for about 3-4 days. His birthday is in January and mine is in March, we are thinking of going in February.


So far we've kicked around a short cruise (3-4)day, but we've ruled that out. We have thought about Disneyland. We still really like that idea but are trying to come up with a few less expensive ideas. We can fly just about anywhere in the US for FREE:hurray:, but are thinking that it is such a short time that we'd like to stick to the west coast (we are from Washington). Oh, and I forgot to say we'd like to be warm! It's awfully cold up here in Washinton. ;)


Please tell me your favorite cities, resorts, or destinations....?????:bigear:


Thanks in advance,


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I second San Diego. It's the place most likely to be warm then.


If you can do without 'warm' but settle for 'warmer but really nice' go to San Francisco. It's surrounded on 3 sides by water, so it's not as cold in the winter as other Bay Area destinations, and it's just so magical and beautiful, with tons to see and do.


That's probably too early in the year for Palm Springs to be really nice.


I'm not sure about the weather in Solvang, but that is a lovely destination for sure.

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If you are in the mood to get away from it all, there's the Pacific Coast highway drive - and a place called Timber Cove Inn in Jenner, CA. When we stayed there, there were no tv's or phones in any of the rooms....hot tubs and fireplaces though! Lovely trails along the cliff.


But if you are thinking Disney, this may not be your style :D

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Catalina Island? You could fly into Long Beach (or San Diego) and take a hovercraft over to Catalina.


We went to Catalina in February last year, and it was freezing. It was beautiful and great fun but so cold. I wouldn't go there if you are looking for a warm place. For warm weather I would head to Palm Springs. It is wonderful there in the winter. :001_smile:

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