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Holiday or Normal Day

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A very light day. In the morning, we just did our Bible lesson, some stuff from "Family Math", and silent reading. Then we learned a bit about MLK - reading about him and Rosa Parks, watching a little documentary, listening to the I Have a Dream Speech, and talking about his impact, and the types of human rights problems we have today... very interesting to hear a 2 y/o's perspective versus a 13 y/o's perspective.

Dh had the afternoon off, so we headed off to DC (we live quite close) to go to the MLK memorial, and then went to a special MLK program at the American history museum.

For dinner, I tried to make something close to what MLK would've eaten... though that didn't quite work out :D.

It was a fun day.


What do you use for your Bible lesson? I thought the word "Bible" usually refers the OT and NT and since you were Jewish you wouldn't use the NT.

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