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7 year old DD and crying

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Neither of my two dds cried more when they were 12. :001_huh: IOW, I wouldn't blame it hormones or even on a certain age.


Younger dd did cry. Well, she droned. Older dd rarely cried, and when she did, it wasn't for long. Younger dd would drone on and on and on. :glare: Eventually I realised that droning was how she handled things, so I let her drone, but she had to do it in her room. I was happy when she outgrew that stage (probably when she was 5 or 6).


Which is to say that if you think your dd is crying for no good reason, I don't see anything wrong with looking her in the eyeball and telling her to control herself, and that if she cannot, she can spend time in her room on her bed (or yours, if she shares a room) until she can get her act together.

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