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Book recommendation for dyslexia

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Disclaimer:001_smile:: I have not read this book! I just wanted to pass along info from Betsy, the moderator of the yahoo group Heart of Reading. She recommended this resource and I am definitely interested in taking a look!http://amazon.com/Essentials-Dyslexia-Assessment-Intervention-Psychological/dp/0470927607


I *just* finished reading this book, which was just released a couple of months ago or so. It is very, very good. Though written for professionals, the writing is very clear and precise. It is accompanied by numerous tables & charts with lists- symptoms, tests, interventions. It covered a wide range of topics from the research on genetics, to issues in assessment, and effective instruction.


It has a discussion on orthographic coding which I found particularly helpful, because it deals with the more visual aspects of reading. Here is a sentence from that section that defines orthographic awareness: "Orthographic awareness is awareness of how print works and how it looks- the visual representation of language (the letters and letter patterns that are used to represent the words in print). In addition to letters and words, orthography also includes numerals and punctuation marks." It discusses the "deep" orthography of English, which makes decoding and encoding more difficult than in a language where there is more nearly 1-to-1 phoneme-grapheme correspondence.

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