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If you order from Zenni and are extremely nearsighted and/or have astigmatism ...

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After this thread, I decided to go ahead and try to order Zenni glasses for myself.


I am extremely nearsighted in one eye, and I have astigmatism in at least one eye, maybe both. (The highest number on the prescriptin is 4.50, or -4.50, or something, if that means anything to you.)


Is there a certain type of frame that would not work well? For example, would a rimless frame not be able to support that type of lens?


Also, on the site they have all these options for lenses -- polycarb, several different high-index, etc. The term "high-index" sounds very familiar and I believe that's what I've had, but some of the high-index options cost an additional $70!


I heard someone say that kids need polycarb by law. Don't even know what that is, but it does cost $10 extra.


Anyway, how does one know all this stuff? Is there a place on the website where they discuss the different lenses and how to know what you need?


BTW, my glasses are a back-up to contacts. I don't use them all the time.




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I just got my glasses from Zenni a couple of weeks ago. I had not had new glasses for 5 years or something because I always wear my contacts. :001_huh:


My prescription is -5.50, so my lenses are very thick. I did not opt to pay for the high density lenses to get them thinner, because like you they are back ups. So yes, there is a bit of a coke bottle effect, but not really too bad. They're pretty cute actually!! I am quite happy with the quality for $20. Seriously. There is NO way I could have had new glasses this cheap.


I got lots of compliments on them, they fit great right out of the box, and I actually enjoy reading with them more than I do with my contacts and reading glasses combo.


I would encourage you to try them without all the add-ons if they are mostly back ups. I really don't think you can go wrong!

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My prescription is actually too strong for zenni (around -11; they only accommodate up to -10). At that level of correction (I also have astigmatism ~2.5), I always shell out hundreds of dollars :eek::thumbdown: for the highest index lenses available (1.74). You probably don't need the highest index lens. I know Costco only offers high index up to 1.67 which isn't high enough for me. Polycarbonate lenses are recommended for kids because of the risk of shattering their lenses during rough play for example; it's not an option you add on to a high index lenses, it's an alternative material. I bet someone at zenni could advise you based on your specific prescription if you call them up. HTH!

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I don't know much about frames. I've always used ones with a plastic front (and I like the ones with wire on the sides). I hate nosepads so I don't usually have much of a selection. I do know with the higher prescriptions you have to be careful about not going too small of a lens/frame because the smaller the lens the harder it is to get things lined up correctly (I'm not explaining it well, but basically your lens is not the same strength from one edge to the other, it changes with the taper of the glass. So if you don't have much material, it's hard for them to get the part with the exact prescription to sit exactly in front of your eyeball).


As far as polycarb, it's a different material than plastic (or the old glass they had when I was a little kid). Is does provide a slightly different image than plastic. Some people it takes time fro the brain to reprocess this different image. Because it's safer (more shatter resistant), it's given to kids from the beginning so they never have to go through the process of changing over. Some adults have no problems transitioning, others are never able to. I tried the polycarb because they are thinner at the high prescriptions without the extra cost (my presciription is a bit worse than yours, -6.00 and -6.5), however, after 2 weeks everything was still blurry and they gave me such terrible headaches, that my doctor said I should switch back to plastic, since it was clear my brain wasn't going to transition well (but even small changes give me headaches as my brain adjusts so I might just be more sensitive than most people).


As others have said, high index just makes plastic lens thinner. If you have super thick lens, I'm not sure if you can use them in wire frames, or rimless frames. That's something you would want to check into before ordering.


I've never called Zenni so have no idea what their customer service is. I would probably be more inclined to go to a local store and ask them questions while browsing there frames and let them explain what can and can't be put together.

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My prescription is actually too strong for zenni (around -11; they only accommodate up to -10). At that level of correction (I also have astigmatism ~2.5), I always shell out hundreds of dollars :eek::thumbdown: for the highest index lenses available (1.74). You probably don't need the highest index lens.



Oh ugh -- I just re-checked my prescription and saw that -4.50 was in my BETTER eye, yikes! My really near-sighted eye is actually -10.25!!! I wonder if I could get away with -10, if that's all Zenni can do .... I absolutely cannot afford hundreds of dollars for glasses right now. Thanks for the info.



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I would feel comfortable ordering from Zenni in your circumstances. Once I had a yearly checkup where my prescription only changed a minute amount and the opthamologist agreed with me that I didn't need to buy new eyeglasses since they were still in perfect condition. Personally, I would order from Zenni the highest index lenses I could afford, though.

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