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Organic M&M's... what are they called?

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Are you thinking of Sunspire Sun Drops? The ingredient list is less scary, but I wouldn't say they're much healthier than M&Ms.


That is it! Well they are certainly healthier than M&M's :) I just want some to dole out 1 or 2 at a time for ds3.5 when he doesn't bite his fingers or when he doesn't screech! :)


ETA: Ack I don't mean all day... just here and there. Gads I am not going to fill him up with candy.

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In our house, there are levels of "healthy". One of the first steps is eliminating artificial ingredients. Another level is using sugars that still include minerals instead of basic sugar. Another step is cutting way back on sugars and other simple carbs. So something like the SunDrops would definitely be "healthier" in our house than M&Ms. We already use candy at a minimum so having an option that doesn't have artificial ingredients for when we do is very appealing.

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