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How do you keep hardwood floors clean and protected at entryway?

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We are planning to have hardwood flooring installed soon. Our front door and the side door which we use to take our dachschund in and out will both open onto hardwood flooring. I know we will need to get some heavy duty doormats for outside these doors to try to catch as much moisture, dirt, debris, etc., from ever getting into the house, but what should we put inside to protect the floors from anything that is left on our shoes after wiping them on the outside mat? I have heard that you can't use rubber-backed rugs or mats on hardwood floors because it can damage the floor. What kind of rugs/mats do you use? I want something beautiful and stylish but also something that can be washed/cleaned and will stay in place and do a good job. I also plan to put a runner down the entryway by the side door. Any ideas? Thanks!

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At our home, we have laminate and use rugs. We have never had a problem.


The cabin we stay at has light colored hard wood and a ton of windows/direct sunlight. When we leave we roll up the rugs because we started to notice that there was a color difference on the floor were the rugs were vs. where they were not. We were just at the cabin and after the rugs were lifted from the floor for a month or so, the color had evened out again.

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I have 9yo swedish finish floors in my entry, that opens to both the front door, and the garage. Never had a problem. I have an aluminum oxide finish on my kitchen floor - that gets more junk than the entry. again, never had a problem.


I do have rubber backed rug at the kitchen, and wool/rubber mat in the entry.

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