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We got another dog!

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My niece got her son a dog for Christmas, she adopted him from the humane society. When we we're talking she told me that she was going to give him away, or send him back to the humane society.


Well, we have been wanting another dog.. So this morning we went and got him.


He's 6 years old, and his name is Beanie.


I'm going to attempt to attach a picture of dd14 and Beanie :tongue_smilie:



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Beanie looks like he has a lot of soft coated wheaten terrier in him. He sure is cute. Did the humane society tell your niece which breed(s) they thought he was? How much does he weigh?


They think he is a Wheaten terrier and Schnauzer mix among other things probably. He weighs about 30 pounds. :001_smile:


It's awesome because he's completely trained, and we don't have to go through the puppy stage! He's great :D

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