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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the movie)

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Dh & I really enjoyed it.


A slow burn of a movie, a stellar cast, beautifully shot. Many slow, small pieces add up to finding the mole in British Intelligence. (This is a thinking movie, not an action movie.)


Trailer is here:



P.S. (If anyone has read the book recently, I have a question for you. Don't want to post it here because it would be a spoiler. But, PM me if you don't mind. Thanks!)

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I can't bring myself to see it because I'm far too young for Gary Oldman to be playing "old man" roles.


I know. I can't believe he's doing it either. He did a great job (of course). Dh said he heard an interview w/ him on NPR & Oldman was saying how much he enjoyed playing this character & was really sad when filming was over because he had to say goodbye to being that character.

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I saw it a week or so ago. I agree, good movie, but don't expect action. It's a thinkers movie.

I've never read any of the series, but it strikes me that the main character, Smiley, was meant to be the opposite of James Bond -- who is nothing but action. I hope this is the case in the movie. Looking forward to it!

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Stacia, thank you for this. Because of this thread, I'm going to give the book a 2nd try. :D I tried to read it a few months ago and couldn't get into it. I'm trying again. It'll be a while before the movie gets here, I'm sure.


I've been seeing the trailers for this movie and it has piqued my interest as well. I'm glad ya'll are discussing it. :)


And can I just say Negin that I love your new avatar! :) When I look at that picture I can hear The Dude in my head talking about how the rug pulled the room together. :lol::lol:

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We watched this on New Year's Day and enjoyed it a lot. However, I believe in the book, Smiley was more the central theme; his character slowly unfolded as the story went. If you watch the original TV mini-series, you'll see this more clearly:




But, the movie was very good. We thought the best characters (as far as acting) in it were Jim Prideaux and Ricki Tarr.

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