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At Bookholders.com. Best bargain if you have a local store and can go pick them up (College Park, MD; Towson, MD; Blacksburg, VA; RIchmond, VA; Morgantown, WV; Tampa, FL; Austin, TX.) They have a feature on the homepage to search their free books and their books sold for 0.99 or less. Some good textbooks (their specialty, they are located on large university campuses) that have all the online access resources, but are an older edition than the universities require.


I am selling old textbooks and sundry other books thru them, they only take 15% markup, and you set the price, can pick up your books at any time if you decide to take them back, they handle selling and shipping, etc. I have no idea if this is a good option, but it looks like a win-win, esp for college level textbooks and literature selections, that are current.


I"m hoping this might help someone a bit.

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