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Cheapest way to get Discovery Streaming?


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The DE you get through G3 is the cheapest version is all, I think. But it's not available any more this year.


I've been curious how you find out which districts have a subscription. DE won't tell you. And I couldn't get anyone in my district to tell me. :(

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We have it through G3' date=' the price is worth the wait. There are some downfalls, when you search you are not given as many video options, you have a basic student account for a virtual school. If you have links to specific videos you can access them, I have yet to find one I can not access via a direct link (if I remember correctly, the elem spanish seem to not be there for the search, but by using direct links you can get to them www.satorismiles.com has a great list of links). Another downfall is the lacking of the teachers resources for the videos that have them... the spanish is greatly enhanced by it's teacher's resources.


Is there any way to get the Teacher Resources and Workbook pages for Elementary Spanish if they're not included?

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