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Motivation to keep New Years Resolutions?

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Okay, do you set New Year resolutions or goals? How do you stay motivated to keep working towards them? Are there any good books, websites, etc. that help you work towards your goals and keep you motivated?


I need to make a lot of big changes in my life. I know I should only pick one or two to start with. But when I start working on one and get good at it, everything else falls apart. So I work on something else, and then all the others things fall apart. Does anyone else experience this? What do you do?


Is this post even making sense?

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My personal solution was to make a resolution to not make any more New Year's resolutions. So far, it's working out very nicely for me, and I have had no trouble sticking to my "no resolutions" resolution.


It is doing wonders for my personal self-esteem, and I suggest that you give it a try next year.


I can never stick to resolutions. Most of the time, I can't even stick with my plans for dinner, so obviously the Big Stuff just isn't going to happen for me. :D

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