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What apps does your 10yo like? (iPod touch/iPhone)

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Talking Tom Tom and the fifty million other talking animals :glare:


Diner Dash


Hanging with Friends


Anything make-up/dress-up


Cut the rope


Brain Pop


Tiny Pets/Tiny Zoo




Ant Smasher


Finger Scan


Pet Salon


American Girl games (all of them!)




We also just got Spelling Free that DD REALLY likes. Every Monday I enter her spelling words and she practices them all week. It's been really good for her.

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Umm, let's see.


Angry Birds of course

Cover Orange

Two uneducational, but educational at the same time because they need to use a little physics and logic to figure out the boards.

Paper Toss ( once you get it figured out its really fun) again uses some physics and logic to figure out.

Ant Smasher ( nothing educational about it. But really fun squishing bugs. LOL)


Educational ones :

I just downloaded Princess Piano (which is free for a limited time.) My 13yr old actually thinks its cute. It teaches music and how to play piano. The kids have to learn to play music to help the Princess get back to her cloud world. Totally cute.



Sumo Maths is free right now. Its a two player game. My 12 and 13 yr like it because they can compete with each other. I wish I could find more games like this. The only thing I wish the app had was a choice to pick addition, subtraction and mult and division. It just offers addition problems. But you've got to be fast so its a good game.


Rocket Math is pretty cool. We all enjoy playing it actually because there is a Best Score so we're all trying to beat it all of the time. They get to create their own rocket too.


Kids at home Chinese. We downloaded this last night. I didn't think my older girls would actually like it because its actually geared towards the younger crowd. But they got a kick out of hearing Chinese words for different things around the house. Was totally worth seeing them laugh and have a good time with it. LOL


Math Evolve. WE downloaded the lite version to try it out first. My oldest hasn't had a chance to really play with it yet. So the jury is out on that one. But to me it seems like a pretty neat game for Math. Boys may enjoy it more but I played with it a little bit last night and thought it was pretty neat.


So far those are some of what we have and I can remember off hand. My daughter isn't home and she took her Ipod with her so I don't remember what else we have on there. Looking forward to seeing what else everyone has too. I'm loo

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My 11 year old boy likes:


Angry Birds

Cut the Rope


Hit the Apple

Zombie Highway (definitely preview this) - he also likes "Gun Builder" or something like that. I didn't want to skip it on the grounds that it's not "girlie" (maybe your daughter likes weapons?).

Siege Hero (nearly identical to angry birds in terms of task)

Zombie Farm (this is cartoony cute - and is similar to Farmville - you're planting zombies)

Turbo Grannies

He'll also check in on Dragonville


I think Angry Birds is the only one he plays that we've paid for. My 8 year old likes Bookworm and we paid for that - he thought that $3 was a reasonable price for a game he likes :)


It's my ipod touch that these games are on - he doesn't have his own or there might be even more gun builder things on there.

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Bakery Story -- liked by my 11 and 9 year old dd

Racing Penguins --- my 11 year old daughter couldn't put it down today when we were on the road this morning.



These are the two most recent ones.

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