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Anyone use an online timeline app? Tiki-Toki?


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We try to do most things online or electronic - it's just how we roll :lol:


My husband just found tiki-toki.com. It looks like a really great tool. With a free account you can set up one timeline - "The History of the World" is what I'm thinking.


Has anyone used this? What do you like, not like, about tiki-toki? Any other online timeline tools that have worked for you?


We started homeschooling our twins last spring - 13 yo eighth graders now. We've been using The Great Courses Middle Ages lectures. The professor jumps back and forth in time to cover various topics so it's confusing my girls a bit. I want to capture the major points a timeline to give them the chronological context they seem to be missing from the lectures.


Thanks for any input.



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Yes, tiki-toki is an online tool. My husband went a little crazy last night when we started fashioning a physical timeline out of manila envelopes. So he searched various online tools and liked this best. No dedicated schoolroom here, so a big timeline really is impractical.


We haven't ventured to an iPad yet. Really waiting to see if the Kindle Fire will be a good alternative because the price is much better.

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