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SNOW DAY here----48 hours ago it was in the 50s

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On Wednesday afternoon we hosted friends to come and ride our horses with 6 of their kids. We were out in short sleeves and comfortable.


.........Less than 48 hours later the schools are all closed and we have 8 inches of heavy snow on the ground.


First picture is of my girls getting the snow off our horse fencing. It was so weighed down with snow that it was touching the ground in spots.


Second picture is of my trail ride today on my new horse. We only got a little ways as most of the trail is narrow and the tree branches were hanging so low with snow that we were both plowing through it and getting covered with snow.


Gotta love Michigan weather.

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This is only our 2nd real snow of the year---about 60 inches below many years. Most of the time it has been bare ground. It was beautiful out Wednesday with temps in the 50s.


Now today it is beautiful out with temps about 30 (so really not that cold) and beautiful fresh snow.


This was only my 2nd solo trail ride on my new horse and only our 4th time out. He did great but likes to WALK and not bother about slowing down for me to move branches out of the way-----so we were both covered in snow as you can see by his picture.

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Yup! I posted this on Facebook last year. The first picture was taken on Friday. We were at my ds' baseball game. It was FREEZING!!!! Raining, in the high 30s. Here is dd:




Here we are on Monday at our local pool:




That's my ds Andrew doing the flip off the diving board.


The difference was THREE DAYS!!!!


Oh and on this side of the state, we have only a dusting of snow. :glare:

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Wednesday I was outside with DD, working on building her bookcase. We were wearing regular clothes and light fleece jackets and were very comfortable (temps near 50). This morning we woke up to 6" of snow and got another 6" during the day. We're due another 3-5" tonight, so says the weatherman.


Granted, the snow is much more normal for us this time of year than 50 and sunny. But it's a shock, to be sure!

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Jealous! We got a cold snap, too--it was 26 this morning--and a teeny tiny bit of flurries but otherwise clear and cold and windy. And no snow. :glare:


Sounds like Cincinnati; Lots of hype. The news last night was all about snow. We got up this morning hoping for snow and there was barely a dusting. My girls were really ticked.

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