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chasing out chaos...

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Things are stressful and chaotic around here. I need some ideas for managing things right now.


1) I am having trouble getting kids to wake up. Took over an hour today.


2) can not get kids to listen while I am reading.


3) fighting between siblings.


I am suppose to work 3-8. :( I have to get school done.


I want a peaceful loving home. I want to encourage obedience.


Any wisdom or ideas? We are so unproductive and chaotic.


Already skipping homeschool meet up due to behavior.

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It's hard to homeschool 3 . . . then add in a Pre-K, a Toddler, a Baby AND work?!?


You're doing three full-time jobs. You cannot compare yourself to an ideal woman dealing with only one of these jobs.


All I can suggest is Do The Next Thing (that is the most important and/or urgent)!



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I think you are in a constant state of triage. Can you stop working? Also there are schedules out there for folks with large families where every moment of the day is scheduled and the bigs take care of the littles in rotation so the screaming is reliably in another room while mom is doing math. I have absolutely no experience in this arena, having only 2 children, but http://www.amazon.com/Managers-their-homes-scheduling-home-school/dp/0966910702/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1326477830&sr=8-15 the previous link is to a book I got and sold because I didn't need it, but it looked like it might be useful for large families. :grouphug:


I actually own that book. Need to look at it again.


I can not quit working. I actually may be adding hours as my housing costs are increasing 50%.

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