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First Start Reading experiences?


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I'm culling together my son's K program and am looking into phonics. I've happened upon FSR and am curious to know if anyone has used and loved this. Background info is that he knows all his letter sounds, has excellent fine motor skills, and enjoys writing (I see that it seems writing-heavy...)


Personal experiences would be great, if anyone has used it.

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We are currently in book C (although we started in book B) and I will soon have the beta version of book D. My dd seems to be doing very well with it. We started out with Phonics Pathways and supplemented with MCP phonics workbooks and readers. After a while though she wasn't very confident with her reading abilities even though she could read rather well. Anyhow, I received FSR as a review product and decided to use it with her after my review was finished.


My dd loves workbooks and has no problem with penmanship skills. In fact, we shall be starting cursive soon. I went through the K curriculum guide and set up my own lesson plans,skipping what I thought would be overkill for her and spreading out some of the writing intensive days. I aim for our phonics instruction to take no more than 15 min a day.


I love the SRA books so much more than the MCP phonics workbooks (and I liked those more than the ETC books). My dd loves doing dictation in the FSR workbook and I think that she is much more confident in her reading ability since beginning this program about a month ago.


Let me know if you have any specific questions and I shall try to help you out.

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