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Look what I made part 2

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Okay I tried my hand at the crayon melting art I saw on pintrest. Have to say the picture I found looked much better but the kids think this is the coolest thing they have ever seen me make. The last few nights I have been told I am a great artist (I drew some pictures on tote bags they were making for example). I have never considered myself to be that artistic but the kids think I am so I'll take it :lol:


Without further adieu here it is (note this picture didn't turn out so great as it is on my cell phone, the ones on my camera were better but I could not find the cord)


*A note for anyone making this, be careful even though I had my dryer set to a low setting every now and then it blew the wax right off the canvas, which is where the little splatters across the page are, as are the blue and red splatters all over my livingroom wall behind where I made this and all over my jeans. It seems to peel right off but still be warned to perhaps create it in a more protected space than on the livingroom floor while watching tv :D

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Bravo, for being brave! I've seen this on Pinterest and have wanted to try it. I'm so glad that someone posted about it along with their experience. It looks to be a lot of fun.


The ones on Pinterest may have taken a few tries to get that perfect. I've seen some flops that people have tried and posted, and yours looks so much better on your first try.


Thank you for the tip, and I'm glad the children had fun! Oh, and sorry about your wall and jeans. :grouphug:

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I think next time I will use my heat gun instead of the hair dryer and see if that gives it a cleaner flow. My dd wants me to make the one I have pinned which is all greens with silk flowers attached. I think to get the clean lines I want the heat gun will work better because it won't blow the wax everywhere.


Speaking of which, it peeled right off my jeans no problem (good thing since they are pretty much brand new), The wall will need to have the Mr. Clean eraser taken to it after I finish scraping the pieces off but it is not too bad. The fabric paint on the kitchen floor a couple nights ago was worse. And the melt beads off my iron last night :) Yeah we are a crafting family :D

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