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Dance moms-true skin colored leo or cami to go under recital outfit?

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DD got her tap costume today, and loves it-but it's all sequins and feathers, and while she handled trying it on over her leotard fine, I don't think she's going to like it on her bare skin, given her sensory issues. If we can find something skin colored that wouldn't show from the audience, I don't think her teacher would mind at all (she's been quite understanding of DD's quirks). Even the moms of the kids without sensory concerns were a little concerned about the potential scratchiness, and I suspect that if I find a good source, all four of the girls in her performance group would end up with them, so they would match :).

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You want an underleo.

They come in a limited, but varied, range of colors. Capezio seems to have the lightest (too light for most, IMHO); I think it's Motionwear that does a "mocha" color. Ideally the leo will match the child's skin color, but darker skinned girls have a rough time finding a good match.


One with a lower back is ideal. Some teachers prefer nude straps, some prefer clear ones. The buckles on the clear ones are prone to breakage, so pick up a spare pair; they're about $3. I like the ones that have several places across the back to hook the straps onto; it makes it easier to put it under a variety of costumes.


The underleos make modesty during costume changes easier.


Check out your local dance shop; they should have a wide range to choose from.

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this is what our girls wear




there are children's sizes available too. the clear straps help a lot, but with sensory issues, you may want to find some that come with cloth straps as well if the costume will permit that....


many studios have a code for discountdance that gives you a percentage off. there are usually codes floating around the internet, too.




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Here is the child's version. As a backstage dance mom I've seen a lot of these, and I like the Body Wrappers one the best because of the adjustable straps. Some reviewers on the DD site say the straps fall off; I haven't found that to be true if they are seated properly. The clear straps do seem to work themselves loose over time (lengthening, so you have to re-tighten them periodically), which is a pain, but that's the way clear straps seem to be. I actually like the cloth straps better, but our current studio prefers the clear. (Our previous studio preferred the cloth, as the clear can shine onstage from the lights.) The reviewers also mention that the leo is not completely opaque; that's not an issue as the whole idea is that it is worn under something.


They are available in several fabrics from various manufacturers; the slippery ones are good in many ways but you do have to be sure that costume pants in particular don't slide down as you dance. If fabric/texture is an issue for your child, you might want to shop locally so you can get the fabric she prefers.

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Do any come with wider straps or sleeves? The costume has sequined straps which I KNOW were bothering one of the other girls just in the try-on, and she's not as hypersensory as my DD is. My DD was fine, but she had on a leo that was cut so that no part of her costume actually touched her skin. It's an adorable costume-but not for a kid who has sensory issues!


I'll check with the dance teacher. I wonder, since there are only four of them (and two of the girls have sensory sensitivities), if we could just get matching leos to put under the costumes for all four girls.

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The costume has sequined straps which I KNOW were bothering one of the other girls just in the try-on, and she's not as hypersensory as my DD is.


I like the tape idea. I've also sewn a piece of flesh-colored felt under a sequined feature on a costume to stop the itch. It worked great; you couldn't see it from the outside, the felt went to the edge of the sequins on the inside. If the straps are stretchy, you might have trouble with tape or felt; it might work to sew a bit of flesh-colored knit underneath.

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